Pre-Purchase Inspections

Why Pre-Purchase Property Inspection?

Our building inspections are designed to make you aware of any potential dangers or damages the property being inspected may have. By obtaining the report before you’ve made any financial commitment, it allows you to make an objective decision about whether or not this is a investment that you are willing to make

If you’re considering purchasing a property in Sydney, seek an APS pre purchase inspection to help give you guidance on what is a substantial investment. APS provide pre-purchase inspection reports in Sydney that can assist you in finding a quality home, give you bargaining power and help protect those you love. An APS pre-purchase building inspection will give you some peace of mind as you acquire your property.
Providing easy to understand and relevant information to our clients is of the upmost importance. To this end APS provide a series of comprehensive reports:

Building Inspection Report Details

Building inspection in Sydney include a visual inspection to accessible areas of the property to identify any key issues, including:

  • Internal Walls;
  • Sub-Floor Space where applicable;
  • Floors;
  • Roof Space;
  • External Walls;
  • Roof Exterior;
  • Patios and Pergolas;
  • Retaining Walls.

As part of our services Access Property also accesses a range of other consulting specialists including pest, structural, fire and mechanical engineers and highly experienced specialist construction litigation lawyers if required, for expert legal advice.

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    Get in touch with our friendly staff

      What our clients are saying

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      We were looking to bid on an older (fixer upper) property in Sydney's Inner West and wanted to make an informed decision on whether to purchase a property and the risk associated. We had particular concerns and questions about the property, and after speaking to a number of potential inspectors realised that Dominic offered a service and professional building construction insight that the others didn't. Domonic's pre-purchase building report and recommendations were extremely thorough. He was also more than willing to explain items of concern in layman's turns which left us feeling well informed and confident.

      If you're serious about wanting to obtain detailed information on what may arguably be one of the most expensive investments you make at the time, don't skimp. For us, Dominic's report exceeded its $ value. And we can't recommend him enough.

      Anna Pick


      I cannot recommend Dominic highly enough. We engaged him twice to inspect properties we were interested in buying (nervous first time home buyers), and he delivered above and beyond.

      Not only did Dominic do a thorough job with the inspection itself, he also made time to ensure my partner and I understood the next steps we could take to address the minor defects he spotted.

      He is trustworthy, and from our dealings with him, it's clear that Dominic takes professional integrity seriously and key to that is placing the interest of his clients at the top of his list.

      We would gladly engage Dominic again, if we ever have to.

      Karen Salipuran


      Dominic is my ‘go to’ expert for all building issues. I've sent many clients to Dominic and he’s always provided fearless and accurate expert opinions and saved my clients many thousands of dollars on each occasion.

      Dominic is a leader in his class and I’m so grateful for his services over the 20 plus years I’ve worked with him.

      Rob Dickson

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