New Home & Off The Plan inspections

It’s highly recommended that you obtain an independent building inspection on a new or recently constructed home or apartments. A new home inspection from Access Property helps to ensure that all completed works comply with the building plans and relevant standards. Mistakes, incomplete work, omissions and defects can occur during the building process. Independent inspections ensure problems are flagged and fixed by your builder.
Regular problems identified may include:

  • Slab dimensions and positioning incorrect
  • Painting and plastering defects
  • Skirting or cornice gaps
  • Wall frames positioned unevenly
  • Non-compliant roof framing
  • Incorrectly positioned windows & doors
  • Damaged, missing or defective fittings & fixtures
  • Issues with installation of cabinets e.g. in kitchen/bathroom

Don’t wait until just before completion or handover. In most cases the the earlier a construction issue is identified, the simpler and cheaper it is to fix. Engage Access Property Services as an independent building inspector early in the process. This means we can carry out several inspections in conjunction with the various stages of construction to ensure everything is on track.

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